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What do you take from visits to exhibitions or galleries; to corners of cities or secluded gardens; to modern houses or ancient ruins? Sometimes we go to these places and they simply make us feel good. That has to be one of the best reasons for doing so – pure and simple enjoyment. Sometimes we come away having learned something new – another good reason for going. But at other times these places can provoke ways of thinking that are something slightly different. 

We’ve all read reviews – whether by seasoned critics or casual visitors – of various kinds of curated space. These have their uses, especially to give us a sense of whether or not we might enjoy something. But because of this, they often stop short of sharing reflections on how curated spaces work, what they can convey, and the ideas that visits to these places can stimulate. 

Visiting curated spaces isn’t all about gaining a rated, starred, or ranked experience. Responses to them are usually much more dynamic (and important) than this, and yet they are some of the least visible products of these visits. Many of these can be intensely personal or simply impossible to adequately convey through writing. But others are worth sharing. 

This site is the product of ongoing conversations between the contributors (and you the readers), about these places and the ideas that they inspire. 

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